Good advice and tells it like it is

We’ve used Mitch twice. Once when we bought our home and again when we got our lakehouse a few years later. He’s REALLY good. He knows his stuff, he gives good advice and he’s going to tell it like it is. We bought a lakehouse that is 3 seasons and came turn key with all the contents including the dock and the boat. We had reservations about a 3 season cabin and he walked us through the steps we’d need to take to make it year round so we could understand the value of what we were getting. He also helped us with figuring out financing since it’s harder to get a loan on a 3 season property. He negotiated a contract for deed that enabled us to get the house for less since the previous owner would be making up the difference from his asking price through the interest he would be getting on his loan. So it was a win win for everyone. We had some reservations on paying more for a vacation house since it was so close to the metro, but he had a lot of good examples to give us to help us decide if it was right for us. He pointed out that his girlfriend’s lakehouse is 5 hours north and getting there is so long and difficult that he hardly ever goes. We were very unsure for a few weeks and he never got impatient with us, he showed us other properties on a moment’s notice and he always picked up on red flags. Like he would note that a house on a certain lake was underpriced so he’d look on Google maps and see that it had a road between the house and the shoreline, even though it was being advertised as “lakefront”. That saved us a lot of wasted trips. He never pressured us one way or the other and just gave us real, honest opinions backed by tons of professional experience and personal testimonials. Like he cautioned us against doing anything drastic to the garden until we’ve spent a full summer on the property. He told us that once he bought a house in the winter and immediately cut down the bushes lining the side of the property, only to realize that they had been gorgeous lilac bushes that had been the envy of every neighbor. We absolutely LOVE our lakehouse. We love what we paid, we love what we got, we love where it is. He advised us correctly. He gave us good advice.